What DKIM is made of, from a tech perspective?

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On another article, I've explained briefly how DKIM works, this one will try to describe what exactly DKIM is made of, and what are the technos used to generate a signature. Maybe on a first place, Read more

Why TLS email delivery is definitely important?

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You probably already have seen such red lock displayed on an email received on your Gmail/Gsuite mailbox, with a message "[email provider] did not encrypt this message". This actually means this Read more

DKIM RSA key size, does it matter?

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If you already have used Scan my Email to test your email configurations, you may already have faced that message. Back in 2012, many major email actors such as Google, Yahoo, have deprecated 512 or Read more

Why do you sometimes see two DKIM signature on a single email?

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You maybe already noticed on some emails received, when looking at the headers you can find 2 DKIM signatures, and 2 DKIM results, one using your own domain (bressier.fr on this example) and one Read more

DKIM what is it and why I need it?

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What is DKIM Basically DKIM is a cryptographic technique, used to create a unique signature for any email you are sending. It allows few things: detect if the content of the email has been altered Read more